Membership Information

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Welcome to Brookfield!

Full Membership: (Includes access to pool and tennis courts)
Family (with children): $425
Singles/Couples (no children or grandchildren): $325
Brookfield Tax District members receive a $50 discount for 2023.

Tennis Only Membership:
Annual membership: $100

Full membership rates apply to the current year; they may not be pro-rated (except for new residents to Brookfield or Pelham Creek).

Membership dues and donations can be paid by check or via PayPal.  Please add note to payment indicating whether payment should be applied to dues or a donation and include name and address.

FREE WiFi for all members!

Don’t forget to pay $3 per day for each guest you bring to the pool.  The sign-in sheet is on the table by the entrance to the pool and the collection box is located on the wall near the phone. Guests are not residents of Brookfield or Pelham Creek and must be accompanied by a member with a key fob.

Key Fob Guidelines

To help identify members of the pool and increase pool safety, we will be distributing a key fob with each 2023 pool membership.

Below are guidelines for the key fob:

  1. Each family will receive one key fob.
  2. The key fob will give you pool access during normal hours.
  3. The key fob is waterproof so it is okay if it goes in the pool.
  4. The key fob can be replaced for $10.
  5. You do not have to return the key fob at the end of the year. It will be used for the following pool season as well.
  6. Members granting access to unauthorized users will risk loss of pool privileges.

If you have any questions regarding membership or key fobs, please email