Brookfield Tax District


The Brookfield Special Tax District was created in 1989. The builders of Brookfield had pre-paid for street lights thru 1989, and there was an urgent need for money. There had been volunteers mowing the lawns, and voluntary contributions to cover some other costs, but a more stable situation was needed.  The annual property tax established at that time continues to fund the landscaping, street lights, and other such expenses for our neighborhood.

In 2007, the County agreed to add a $50 levy specifically directed to the Recreation Association to maintain, improve and promote the Brookfield and Pelham Creek Community Recreation Facilities and land surrounding them. These funds are included in our annual property tax bills.

Brookfield Tax District meetings are held quarterly and are open to the public. For dates, times and locations, see our Social Calendar page. Meetings are led by the following elected Board Members:

Board Members
Chairman – Conny Walker
Treasurer – Jay Sinnett
Secretary – Mary Taylor
Recreation Association Liaison – Leslee Newton
Member at Large – Pam Sinnett

The original charter from Greenville County fixes the number of Commissioners at five.  Commissioners serve four-year terms.  They are elected on a rotating two-year schedule, three in 2017 and 2021, etc., and two in 2019, 2023, etc.  One Commissioner serves as a member of the Brookfield Recreation Association board, to assure that tax levy funds are spent appropriately.

Questions? Agendas and minutes can be provided upon request. Email us at

The Tax District governing documents in PDF form can be downloaded from this page.