Brookfield Recreation Association


The Brookfield Recreation Association was formed to promote the general recreation of our members.  Our facilities include the swimming pools, tennis courts, basketball goals, and surrounding grounds.  Our Recreation Association is led by 7 Board Members.  From pool parties to movie nights, the Brookfield Recreation Association is always working to bring some fun to the neighborhood!

Over the past few months, the Brookfield Recreation Association Board has been working very hard to renovate our pool and surrounding area. We are making improvements in order to ensure that this year will be one of our best ever!

Some improvements include:

  • Hiring a new pool company (Upstate Pool Management)
  • Replacing/adding new filters to the pump house
  • Repairing concrete along pool deck
  • Installing outdoor speakers and radio
  • Repairing our lifeguard stand
  • Free WiFi to members
  • Continuing to upgrade chairs, umbrellas and tables

This year, we have several new board members who are bringing new ideas and enthusiasm to the group.  Join us for lots of fun!