Service Projects

We will be holding neighborhood service projects again this year in early November. As part of the Brookfield Community we’d like to assemble a group of folks that are willing to help some of our neighbors who could use an extra hand (or two or three).  We have identified a few individuals who we know are struggling maintaining their lawns due to illness, debility, travel for work, etc. Leaves will be falling soon and maybe we can help rake leaves, remove limbs or complete other necessary odd jobs. Lots of helpers could make for quick work. Further details regarding the date and time will follow soon.

If you know of a neighbor who could use some help, please email us at with their name, address, proposed date and project. Also, let us know if you are willing and able to lend a hand on one of these proposed dates. The more help we have, the quicker we can complete tasks! If playing in the leaves is not your thing, maybe consider helping keep the crew hydrated or lending moral support!