Pool Update

The pool will open on Friday May 28th. As we open, it is important to understand that these are different times. There will be no opening party. We will not have lifeguards as the management company was not able to train due to Covid-19. Some of the suggested guidelines listed below may change over the summer.

I ask that you all please take these seriously and choose to be very considerate of your fellow pool members. We do not have anyone to police the pool and we should not need that. The guidelines come from DHEC’s suggested list. We appreciate your willingness to be able to keep our pool open while keeping its members safe.

Also, we will honor the early bird discount of $25 through May the 31st.

~Brookfield Recreation Association Board

  • Please Practice Social Distancing – it is up to all members to please be respectful of those around them and respect personal space. It is also up to members to remove themselves from situations that they feel uncomfortable in and to be vocal in a respectful manner if they feel that someone is too close.
  • Members Only – As the summer progresses this is subject to change and guests will be allowed. Let us consider this a slow opening to the pool.
  • No Parties – Just as above this is subject to change, but for now we will not rent the cabana area
  • No Sharable Items To Be Left At The Pool – floats and toys should not be shared and if left on site they will be removed.

Safety Items are Individual Responsibility – While the bathrooms stay stocked with soap for hand washing, hand sanitizer or any other sanitizing products that you find necessary for your visit are your own responsibility. The pool and bathrooms will be cleaned on a daily basis.